Due to the innovative nature and clear utility of our designs, we have been successful in patenting our products.

X Space UK offers an innovative cable Management Solution, which simplifies cable routing complexity within the containment

X Space UK panels bring a new dimension to terminating data cables in your equipment cabinet or at transition points on steel wire cable tray, installed above ceiling or under floor.

Space being a key concern when planning your comm's room or data centre environment, X Space UK panels are mounted in seconds to cable tray within the rack to offer zero U solution and you can choose a variety of standard outlet presentations which also include the Hellermann Tyton's Rapidnet cassette, or we can offer a bespoke manufacturing service to suit your individual requirements.

When used for transition points on steel wire cable tray, the ease of installation and speed to accommodate moves and changes will ensure your infrastructure remains flexible and cost effective to install and maintain.

Rapid installation that reduces time, cost and maximises space

  • Utilizing and enhances the free space on steel wire cable tray, galvanised cable tray and cable matting
  • Speed of installation
  • "Plug & Play" solution allows for flexibility and ease of moves, adds and changes
  • Maximum airflow ventilation
  • Caters for all structured cabling solutions, i.e. CAT5E. 6, 6A, 7 and MPO/MTP Flbre Cassettes
  • Numerous outlet types in one unit (Fibre, Copper)
  • Cable bend radius uncompromised during installation
  • Xero-U Allows the installation of data outlets within a cabinet without the need for valuable U space
  • Cabling and termination protected
  • Additional security can be provided by a lockable quick release cover.

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